Self reliant, integrated, sustainable and flourishing refugee communities and community organisations in Victoria and Australia.

The African Think Tank’s Mission is to act as the voice of refugee communities mainly the African Australians in Victoria, through:

  • public advocacy in relation to key strategic issues;

  • the development of policy advice, especially in regards to employment, capacity building, education, youth and health matters;

  • training, advice and support to government and community organisations to ensure accessible and effective service delivery, especially in regards to settlement;

  • community capacity building of African Australian communities;

  • maintaining a high public profile, through effective public and media relations and the conducting of major public forums and conferences;

  • contribute to effective settlement services and community development activities.

      The work of the African Think Tank will be highlighted by:

    • effective collaboration with local communities, service providers, governments at all levels and individual members of the mainstream society;

    • an inclusive, respectful and consultative approach to the broader African communities, regional groupings, religious and cultural groups and individuals;

    • transparent and accountable governance processes with open two way communication;

    • a balance between the utilisation of paid professional staff and community volunteers;

    • a dedication to the wellbeing of all people regardless of race, religion, creed or gender;

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