About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a culturally diverse leadership body enhancing African Australian relationships through information exchange, consultation, capacity building, support and policy advice.

 Our Approach

We seek to engage with key stakeholders in order to strengthen representation and support of African Australian communities in policy and decision-making, and to increase communication and engagement with communities.  We seek to be pro-active and consultative advocates, acting as a conduit to increase exchange of information with and between African Australian communities.  Our purpose in doing so is to increase the credibility, visibility and voice of African Australians in the wider Australian community, and to foster belonging, creativity and connectedness.

 Our Key Areas of Work

Our key work areas include, but not limited to,

1.      conducting and enabling evidence-based advocacy about issues of importance to African Australian communities with and amongst researchers, universities, media, and domestic and international community organisations having the following as objectives

a.      increase access to existing evidence about issues important to the African Australian community in Victoria

b.      increase the capacity of African Australian leaders to conduct evidence based advocacy

c.       contribute to the generation of new evidence about issues important to the African Australian community in Victoria

 2.      identifying gaps and pathways for a diverse group of skilled African Australian leaders, thus creating leadership and opportunities development within and amongst African Australian communities; the three tiers of Australian government; the diplomatic community; business and corporate leaders by providing Leadership pathways, skills, mentorship, experience and practice through our business corporate leadership program (African Leadership Development Program)

 3.      strengthening connectedness and resilience by collating, analysing and disseminating evidence about effective community-led initiatives amongst and with and amongst  African Australian communities; media; the three tiers of Australian government;  and researchers to foster bias-free public information and awareness of diverse mutual benefits of co-existence and economic contributions from African Australian Communities

 4.      Fostering creativity and innovation with a view to showing and promoting the diverse creativities and industrious efforts within the African Australian communities, and providing appropriately suitable guidance on innovation take-up opportunities in the wider community

  Organisational Structure

The African Think Tank is a not-for profit non-government registered organisation as an umbrella organisation for African Australians by enhancing relationships with the community, business and Government through representation, advocacy and support initiatives. Members are opened to and welcomed from all African communities and its affairs are directed by 9 elected board members.


The Board

  Haileluel Gebre-selassie                    Chairman                          

  Dr Apollo Nsubuga-Kyobe                Vice Chairman       

  TBA                                                        Treasurer              

  TBA                                                        Secretary                                                            

  Dr Berhan Ahmed   

  Robert Olney

  Wadzanai Nenzou                              

  Milton Njana